Your Father ever and forever loves you

“The Father himself loves you.” This beautiful assurance of Jesus is recorded in the Gospel of John. (Jn. 16:27) And how our hearts are relieved to know that we are loved because the Father has decided to love us freely and generously and forever and ever.

Before you were created, God has loved you.

From your very birth, God has loved you. At every moment, in every place, through every valley and over every mountain, in every dark hole and corner of your life, in every bright and sunny joyous celebration, God is in you and you are in him.

When you feel beautiful and when you feel there is nothing in yourself to love, God loves you. Your Father ever and forever loves you.

He loves you tenderly. He never lifts his eyes from you. He never leaves your side.

“See, I lead everything to the end I ordained for it from without beginning by the same power, wisdom and love with which I made it. How would anything be amiss?” In these words, God assured Julian of Norwich that he himself would make all things well because his love is so great.

I hold on to this promise, especially when I’m not feeling particularly beautiful. When I feel lost and confused about where I am or where I’m going. Or where the world is and where the world is going.

I hold on to my Father’s hand when I doubt my worth and on the occasional days when I dance beside him knowing what delight he finds in loving me. My Friend, if you struggle as I, I encourage you to trust. Don’t try to figure out his outrageous kindness or understand his tender mercies. Just receive them. Just trust them. Just let yourself be loved.

Sr Kathryn J Hermes, FSP

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