Hello, my name is Sr Kathryn Hermes and I have been helping people walk the road of spiritual growth and inner healing for the past twenty years. A stroke at the age of 21 was God’s masterful move in orienting me in this direction. As I dove deep into the ocean of sorrow and confusion in my own life, I found my joy at last in sharing with others what had been given to me with others.

My best-selling title Surviving Depression: A Catholic Approach has been translated into 17 languages and is popular among those suffering with emotional vulnerability, as well as their families and friends. Through HeartWork, my online program for personal development and spiritual growth in holiness, I personally lead women and men through a journey rooted in the Catholic tradition to … I am a spiritual guide and director of My Sisters, an online program on Facebook for Spiritual Accompaniment Along the Journey.

I invite you to join my Facebook Group where we process our hurts and walk along the Way together.

I hold a Bachelor of Arts in English Literature from Emmanuel College, Boston, Massachusetts and a Masters in Theological Studies from Weston Jesuit School of Theology as well as an Advanced Certificate in Scripture.

A little about me:

I love the story of the woman who washed Jesus’ feet. I can imagine myself kneeling next to her, experiencing with her the moment that transfixed her heart. Within her story I can experience how Jesus looked at her, saw her, remembered her, knew her as more than just another person in need of healing, but knew the soul of a woman who bore the imprint of his Father’s creative love…and knew me in this tender and wondrous way.

This woman’s brave action and Jesus’ tenderness with her has become for me a sacred story because I believe that this is the love people today crave.

Do I matter to God?

Does God see me?

Does God hear me?

Does God get what’s happening to me and what it means?

My approach to writing, presenting, and accompaniment is grounded in this certainty that God is love and he rises as the Dawn from on High in each person’s heart. I have always been awed by people I’ve met who have absolutely taken Jesus at his Word, risked everything, as the woman who washed Jesus’ feet, because they believed Jesus would be true to what he had promised. Here at Touching the Sunrise we together dare to take Jesus at his Word.

Step back, ease up, and take a walk through your inner space, a walk that is gentle, casual, and tender.

My style will help you to:

  1. Step back, ease up, and take a walk through your inner space, a walk that is gentle, casual, and tender.
  2. Touch aspects of your history, of your soul, of your heart that you may not have had access to for a long time. By just being with all this, new doors will open. And the marvelous thing is this: something new happens when we are present to God and to ourselves. We have time for something new to come about in our lives. It is all mercy. It is all grace!
  3. Pray with scripture in a way that will help you deepen your intimacy with Jesus and your trust in God. Scripture shows us that it is when we encounter the Face of God, the gaze of Jesus, that our struggle shifts. Praying with scripture is meant to help you hear Jesus’ message in a new way and with a new heart.

Please do check out my Facebook Group and my HeartWork program and stay in touch through my letter Touching the Sunrise which comes out every three weeks or so.

One thought on “Welcome

  1. Thank you Sr Kathryn for your compassionate and gentle words. Always so encouraging and inspiring. Can you pls enlighten me what the Proverbs 10:11 and Romans 1:16 meant. It’s very profound and yet so deep for me to understand. Thank you again.


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