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HeartWork exists because people realize they’ve come to a place in their life where they need spiritual direction. Maybe there are too many options. Maybe there seems to be no options. Perhaps they have new eyes to see, or perhaps they’re longing for this new sight. Some have touched the sunrise within their soul and want more. Others are longing for this spiritual gift.

Sometimes our hearts are filled with nagging questions that run like life’s background music: Do I matter to God? Does God see me? Does God hear me? Does God get what’s happening to me and what it means? In HeartWork we answer the essential question: Who am I now, in this situation of my life and in these relationships.

HeartWork is a process of accompaniment that honors your story, creates the space in which you can safely explore what is happening with you, gain the tools to come home to your heart where the Trinity is already at work, be re-created by Love, and set out again.

The HeartWork journey helps a person move from paralysis to freedom, from feeling frozen to being warmed, from the tears of grief and rejection to the utter relief of knowing you are beautiful, radiant, and forever loved.

Sometimes we can feel as though lost in a deep forest where no clear paths are visible. A blend of spiritual guidance, mentorship, and counseling, the HeartWork community is a place where you learn to explore, love, open and nourish your heart, your deep heart where God is dwelling within you. You will discover that though you waited for light to appear from outside, the paths of Light are imprinted in your heart where the Trinity abides, and we learn to walk them through the valleys and mountaintops of lived experience.

Here at the HeartWork Community we learn a simple and practical process of watchfulness “at the door of your heart” in the spirit of the Eastern Fathers, who teach that the process for healing the heart is through a patient and sacred watchfulness which gives rise to the deep experience of wonder that bubbles up from the heart.

In our HeartWork together you will receive:

  • a place to hold your broken heart gently
  • a companion to support you through the struggles of life: grief, divorce, regrets, loss…
  • a guide in the ways of the spirit who is faithful to the spiritual tradition of the Church and rooted in Scripture
  • a listening heart as you try to understand the mystery of your life
HeartWork Expl 1

Everything you need to do HeartWork I’ve made available, and you can delve into HeartWork as little or as much as you like. Let me explain….

For years I’ve offered HeartWork personally on an individual basis to whoever wants to pursue inner peace, this heart’s sacred quest, through an integrated spiritual-human formation. As much as that has helped people over the years, I realize that many more people could benefit from HeartWork if there were various ways a person could access the program. I so believe that HeartWork can help people that I want to make it available to as many as possible.

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FREE 12 video introduction to HeartWork

HeartWork Intensive

This tier gives you access to me. Besides everything we’ve mentioned you will also receive a monthly Spiritual Conference on the tools and spiritual formation of the HeartWork program. In these monthly HeartWork Spiritual Conferences we’ll thoroughly explore how the HeartWork formation can bring you greater inner peace as you walk through the sticky areas of your own heart and life. But we’ll do it in tiny chunks so you have to a chance to truly incorporate them into your life. That’s where the momentum happens and what makes it different from simply talking about your issues and questions and getting someone’s take on the situation and would they think you should do.

I’ll provide videos, written exercises, and answer questions so that you can do the “work” of HeartWork and experience the joy at last of a truly nourished heart.

I use Patreon to provide the space for the community and to manage the resources I provide.

And I’ll double that by giving you access to MY SISTERS. We Daughters of St Paul have created a new way for you to interact directly with Sisters, receive spiritual guidance on the road to holiness, and always have a sacred space that is restful, enriching, and beautiful available to you at any time. Live chats, an active online community, spiritual accompaniment sessions offered by the sisters on Monday and Thursday evenings, create a space for learning, growing, praying, and sharing together.

Everything on this tier is yours for $8 a month.

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AND if you want to work with me personally…

The HeartWork Personal Spiritual Guidance and Mentorship Program.

The old adage is “you are the friends you keep.” In the HeartWork Community you are choosing a group of friends who don’t just exist with you on Facebook or where you work or in your neighborhood. We are an intentional group of pilgrims on the way to our eternal homeland, where our citizenship already is in heaven. In the HeartWork community we live in this “vale of tears” with a bit of heaven in our hearts.

I use Patreon to provide the space for the community and to manage the monthly meetings.

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