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What are you doing for Lent? Sr Kathryn's Podcast – Touching the Sunrise

Today I invited both Sr Julia Mary and Jeannette de Beauvoir for a conversation about Lent… Lent in a pandemic, doing penance when we feel like we've been doing penance all year, should we make resolutions for Lenten practice or is there something better, what are some secrets for a fruitful and grace-filled Lent. I hope you join us!
  1. What are you doing for Lent?
  2. Lent 2021: Jesus says “Come” and “Trust”
  3. Song of Quiet Trust: A Midlife Meditation
  4. Blessed be the Lord who has come to us and set us free
  5. How To Bless Your Christmas Tears
  6. How we know when God is doing something new: A Meditation on St Joseph
  7. The Amazing Way God Stoops Down to Us in Advent
  8. The Kingdom of Christ
  9. Throw Yourself upon the Resources of God
  10. Seeing in New Ways