The meaning of suffering, personal development and holiness, self-image and inner peace, the path of prayer, making peace with your life and yourself, are just some of the themes that are threaded throughout my books. Each is characterized by a spiritual, sacramental and scriptural approach to experiencing the way the holy develops through the years of our life, in the twists and turns, in the lights and shadows, creating a masterpiece that only the Master Artist could have designed.

I’ve always looked at the real stuff of life, what we encounter daily or at certain times of our lives, as the darkness that just precedes the sunrise. In this life and death struggle—to put it dramatically—to find meaning in the numberless random unchosen sufferings that come our way we mature and the Son rises in our heart, the Dawn from on High who guides our feet in the way of peace.


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Surviving Depression  |  Audio Book  Holding on to Hope



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Beginning Contemplative Prayer ebook Cherished by the Lord
Contemplative Prayer Audio Course



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A Simple Life  Courage in Chaos Inner Peace



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Jesus, Mercy from God’s Heart St Joseph, Help for Life’s Emergencies