Prayer for an outpouring of the Holy Spirit

Holy Spirit, Lord and Giver of life,
you, who came down upon the Apostles
in a mighty wind and with fire,
who filled the house where they were and
gave them the gift of tongues
to proclaim the wonders of God, come down now upon me also.
Fill me with yourself;
and make of me a temple wherein you dwell.
Open my lips to proclaim your praise,
to ask your guidance,
and to declare your love.
Holy Light, divine Fire, eternal Might,
enlighten my mind to know you,
inflame my heart to love you,
strengthen my will to seek and find you.
Be for me
the living and life-giving Breath of God,
the very air I breathe,
and the only sky in which my spirit soars.

This prayer is from the Holy Spirit Prayer Book by Pauline Books and Media. I heartily recommend this treasury of daily prayers and novenas to the Holy Spirit if you desire to surrender your life to the Spirit.

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