O Love! O Kiss! O Lamb of sacrifice….

O Love, O divine Kiss of the Father and the Son,

            offer to my Sovereign, King and Master,

            the humiliation he endured

            on the way to his cruel execution

                        —O God! to put Sovereign Love to death!—

            …milling crowds, jeering, conjecturing, pontificating

            …leaders planning and scheming what would be better for the people

                        —and how right they were—

                        the people who knew better…

                                    who stripped away the flowers and fruits

                                                so fragile and tender

                                                            he had cultivated with

                                                            Sacred Hands

                                                            to his Father’s glory.

                        putting a hard stop to his mission

                                    now stamped with the verdict “Failure”

                                                to be uprooted

                                                            and eliminated from the land.

I hold to my breast, O Love, the

            lamb of sacrifice, shivering in the

            cold of a Bethlehem’s night….

                        “Are you willing to walk

                                    my way,

                                                set up your home in my broken Heart

                                                enflesh the Father’s Truth…as I.

O Kiss – O Love!

Offer to the Father

            the love of my Sovereign Lord and Master

            the force of his surrendered determination

                        to obey

                        to trust

                        to permeate the darkness of no return.

            to be counted as stupid,

                        useless, a danger to the establishment….

and he opened not his mouth.

                                    he handed himself over to his Abba.

I hold to my breast the Lamb of God

            who takes away the sins of the world.

            Mary hands him to me

                        for comfort

                                    He knows

                                                Compassion in His Eyes.

                                                            Radiant white

                                                                        cover my struggling

                                                                        heart-candle’s flame

                                                                                    flickering in the winds….

“I make you white as fresh-fallen snow.”

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