2021: Take the risk to trust a Baby!

One of my favorite Christmas movies from my childhood is the 25-minute animated version of The Little Drummer Boy.

My sister and brother and I wept at the beginning of the movie as his family was taken from him when bandits burned down his house and again at the end of the movie when at last he stood before the King of Kings with his lamb which had been run over by a Roman chariot. I’m thinking that this isn’t too different from our Christmas experience this year….

In both cases, Aaron, the little drummer boy, had to step out and risk. He had to walk into the desert vastness with only the music of his little drum and his three animal friends. And he had to take the leap of faith to trust a baby with one of his most cherished friends, his lamb Baba.

We’re kind of in the same situation this year. We have to walk into the desert’s uncertainty as we turn the calendar year, and we have to trust a Baby to mend what’s now broken in our lives.

Go to him. Look upon the newborn King. These were the words of one of the Magi who figures in the story. He is not able to heal Baba. Only Jesus.

Only Jesus can truly bind our wounds, wipe away our tears, and encourage our hearts.

It has struck me in these days that every person in the Bible who looked to God for refuge had to step out in faith. Mary and Joseph had to travel to Bethlehem on the eve of Baby’s birth. They had to trust that the little outside stable would be sufficient for the King of Kings. They had to get up and leave to save their lives and the life of the Child. Prophets and kings and ordinary people who were called by God to somehow point to, protect, or proclaim Jesus the Messiah had to step out in faith in the midst of danger. Think of Moses, Jeremiah, King David, Zechariah, Peter, John, Paul….

So as we contemplate vaccines and masks and quarantines and loss and grief in 2021, it is true that Jesus will save us, but he will call us to step out in faith…

  • to believe in the life he has won for us
  • to believe he will walk on water to find us when we are in a storm
  • to believe that our citizenship is in heaven
  • to believe that we carry within us the Light that can illuminate the way forward
  • to believe that if we go to Jesus, as did so many in the pages of the Gospel, we will find the Shepherd of our soul who will lead us home and the Master who loves us forever.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

I hope you enjoy this beautiful meditation on the Little Drummer Boy:

In this Christmas season, enter into the Mystery of the Incarnation in this Eucharistic Hour of Adoration.

I recently have come across this beautiful music created by siblings. In Harpa Dei’s music videos we hear the quiet but true message of Christmas. In this Advent refrain, sung in different languages we treasure with the early Christians this prayer in the New Year: Maranatha. Come, Lord Jesus come!

Finally, this is a Christmas concert by the group Harpa Dei. As you listen to each of the carols sung in a different language, you may feel the urgency of the Spirit that all may be united, that all may be one, that all may flourish together, that we all may be in 2021 sisters and brothers. Let the Spirit pray in and through you as you enjoy their concert.

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