Just keep taking one step at a time: an Easter path through the Pandemic

I’ve known Sr Martha for many years as a sister and personal friend. She has always had this marvelous way of pointing out what is true in a clear way. Her joy makes me want to be near her as she travels the way of the spirit. It’s a grace to welcome Sr Martha to Touching the Sunrise today.

Help children to get through this confusing time…one step at a time.
Let Sr Martha help you introduce them to the story of God’s love for them and the ever-sure foundation of God’s Word.

This warmly-illustrated collection of Bible stories brings the Scriptures to life and helps instill in children a love for God’s word. Each story engages the child in both reading and praying with scripture. 

Includes a section with some of the most beloved Catholic prayers, including the Rosary!

We are pleased to offerMy Bible: God’s Word for Me at a 10% discount online through Friday evening April 17.

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