This spring: a long Holy Saturday

This year we are all looking for reasons to hope. Certainly, any bit of news that life might return to normalcy is a reason to hope while we are in the middle of a pandemic and remain isolated in our homes. Holy Saturday, however, invites us into the mystery of waiting, of not knowing, of uncertainty….all things that lead to anguish and anxiety and worry. On the first Holy Saturday, many were hiding, anxious, uncertain about what their lives would be like now that Jesus had died.

But… and this is a great big BUT… God was acting while the earth waited, already beginning to lead all to resurrection and light in the radiance of the glory of the resurrection. We offer this meditation based on an ancient homily on Holy Saturday found in the Office of Readings for Holy Saturday. The first video is a reading of the homily. The second is a reflection in the light of the Exultet which is sung at the Easter Vigil in the evening.

Image by Domenico Beccafumi

One thought on “This spring: a long Holy Saturday

  1. For me Friday night left me shook-up, until Saturday morning, awaking from sleep finally asking the Lord to help me especially this time before the Easter Vigil. How the enemy would not let me enter into sleep through many ways, i.e. hearing blasphemies against the Lord and accusing me of being un-respectful towards him. I was finally able to put the father of lies to flight by opening my bible in my bedroom and placing my Rosary in John’s Gospel the raising of Lazarus. But I see that no matter what my struggle is in trying to please Jesus – in all my sinfulness, he uses my struggles from decisions to give me understanding and to place me back on the path towards him. Even, though I live the experience during this time when I watch a Mass live streaming when the priest consumes the host I feel the entering part of body of Christ at that moment. I have enough faith thanks to the Lord, that if I were to make my unleavened host and at the time of the Priest Consecration to consume my Lord, yet the Lord continues in many ways I can not imagine surprise me. Yet, these moments the Lord wants my heart and it is not yet there, for sure more time for pruning. Thank you for your prayer, please continue to pray for me


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