Surviving Depression – A Marian Devotional (The Visitation)

We are continuing a series of six Podcasts looking at Light and Darkness – Courage and Faith – Healing and Hope through a Marian Lens. Each episode features an event in Mary’s life and a particular image we have chosen to prayerfully reflect on together. This Podcast Series accompanies the launching of the Third Edition of my book: Surviving Depression: A Catholic Approach. In today’s episode we explore tips and suggestions for being a friend or family member who is close to someone suffering with depression. We talk about different ways of companioning those who are suffering. We are leaning into our Marian gaze by reflecting on the Visitation.

This is today’s image:


Image Credit: Fra Angelico (circa 1395-1455) The Visitation
Image is in the public domain.

Surviving Depression: A Catholic Approach (Third Edition) available at



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One thought on “Surviving Depression – A Marian Devotional (The Visitation)

  1. Isn’t it true the visitation you mentioned is an overwhelming care from the Blessed Mother embracing Elizabeth in a time where everything is rolling behind Elizabeth like a canon ball going down hill. This depression experience no doubt very overwhelming. Some how many don’t experience the great strength from the encounter of a friendship or just a moment with the person, even if it is just as a presence. Wow! you said if one can awaken to their depression and realize that God makes use of it. That it sings a mysterious hymn to him and to find this comfort to sit still and know that the Lord is. What a marvelous way to hold on to this reminder, maybe in a picture frame. But the only sure thing is. Lord Jesus My God sealed in the soul of a person. Thank you for letting me share.


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