Our truest certainty

If we have faith, if we keep loving and hoping through the tears, the joy of the resurrection, the glory of the God who is with us, will transform our sorrow into a calm and radiant certainty of God’s love. Though now we cannot see the ultimate victory—on this earth we still live in a vale of tears, and unhappiness is a part of our human reality—sadness will not remain the last word because we are with someone who has already conquered death and pain. All pain Jesus has transformed into victory. This is our faith. This is our truest certainty.

From the book Surviving Depression

Inhabited by God

Each day our Baptism brings us again to a radiant newness. Sin and evil can no longer dominate us, because within us is the One who conquers evil; the One who took all sin, all tears, all sickness, all evil upon himself. Baptism transforms the entire being of the person. You become nothing less than the home of the Holy Trinity, the temple of the Holy Trinity, inhabited by the Most High God. All of heaven is within you!

From the book Surviving Depression     

Mary understands your burdens

Have you had to be strong, even as you bore great sorrow in your heart or suffered with depression? Have you watched new dreams and relationships and futures come to birth in the ashes of something you have lost? Gather, as the others beneath the cross, around Mary. Watch and listen. Share with her the burdens you carry. What does she say to you?

From the book Prayers for Surviving Depression

Sacred tears

Jesus made tears sacred because he cried. He knew the agony and the frustration of our problems. He chose to bear all that is human and as a man with our human nature he brought us with him on his return to the Father. The One who sits at God’s right hand knows what it is to cry. He preached an upside-down world in which the poor, the marginalized, the suffering, those who agonize through emotional pain, are the first, the guests of honor, and the privileged.

From the book Surviving Depression

Set free to love

“I will make a covenant of peace with them; it shall be an everlasting covenant with them….” This passage, with its mounting joy and jubilant hope for an eternal covenant, is set in juxtaposition to the seeming darkness and threat of death in the final chapters of the Gospels, which recount the establishment of the New Covenant. What went wrong? Or perhaps we should ask what went right, that this covenant promised through the centuries should be written in the blood of the Son of God? The passion and death of Jesus makes visible to us the extent to which God goes to establish this covenant that sets us free to love him and to live entirely for him. God poured out all his love for us when he sent his Son to become one of us.

From the book Cherished by the Lord

Our future is in his triumph

Christ has risen, and we too rise with him. He has conquered evil and death. We see our future in his triumph over death and in his ascension to the Father’s right hand. In him we are taken into the circle of life and love within the Trinity. We are held and embraced there, hidden and protected. Such awe! God “has spoken to us…. When [his Son] had made purification for sins, he sat down at the right hand of the Majesty on high.” He lives and so we will live forever. Jesus, you live and so I will live! Forever! Amen.

From the book Cherished by the Lord


Cherished by the Lord

In covenant with God

We are persons who are in covenant with God. In this covenant we discover what it is to be truly human: sought out by God, loved, embraced, committed to by the One who was, who is, and who ever will be. This covenant assures us post-moderns that the identity we so desperately seek is found in the arms of a loving God who can’t abandon us. My Lord, I hunger so much to know my life has meaning. Is it too much to ask you to call me by a new name? Tell me who you’ve created me to be….

From the book Cherished by the Lord

God’s love is irreversable

There is an irreversible vulnerability in God’s love that was first expressed “in the beginning” and continues to offer itself over and over again through the history and prophets of Israel, through the life, death, and resurrection of Jesus, through each of our lives. God’s first offer of love still stands: I will be your God. Will you be my people? (cf. Ezek 37:27).

From the book Cherished by the Lord