Walk Confidently on the Path of the Heart

There is a path and a journey that is each one’s unique quest. Each heart, each life is shaped by the circumstances life throws at them. Each fork in the road, twist and turn part of a mysterious quest. The similarity of paths rests in the lessons that are learned, lessons which emerge from the well-traveled road to holiness and joy that the saints have marked out for us. This road leads directly to the Face of Jesus. It is this divine Face, this Face of the God with a human heart who understands us better than we understand ourselves, that can heal us of our life’s disappointments. This mini-pilgrimage takes you on the path of His Heart.

It was on an annual retreat that I discovered the power of Jesus’ face to heal. I was led to pray with the Gospel stories in a unique way which changed my relationship to Jesus forever. And for the first time I began to experience powerful healing. It is this prayer that I teach and share in Walk Confidently on the Path of the Heart.

Reading a book, watching a youtube video, joining a Facebook Group will give you good information and inspiring ideas. But imagine the difference if you had someone to talk with who would understand your personal struggle? A coach or spiritual companion makes the difference between wondering what you should do next and walking confidently in a direction you have chosen because you are certain that God is with you, walking beside you, and filling you with light, joy, and hope.

In this program, I will walk with you as a spiritual companion as you explore an area of your life that you feel is the most important to address at this time, or an aspect of your heart you feel God is attracting you to explore in order to respond to his love more completely.

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