Touchstones in Spirituality

Gregory Mayers has said: “In times of inner turmoil and in the urgency to find a resolution to the confusion or an escape from it, rather than be hostage to your anguish, be attentive to the process as it is happening… Don’t tamper with it. Let it happen. Let go. (Listen to the Desert)

More easily said than done. Our desert Fathers and Mothers spent lifetimes learning, practicing, and reaping the fruit of this one practice. Being a head person, I found it extremely difficult to practice what a friend told me: “Be present to your pain.” Actually, I couldn’t even feel my pain, I just knew it was there and weighing down my life. Instead of flying on eagle’s wings, I was crawling on the ground desperately searching for something to make me feel good.

Touching the Sunrise is a series of 90-minute programs offered throughout the year. Each program develops a theme in everyday spiritual growth in teaching, guided exercises, and focused inner prayer. The goal is to learn, to reconnect with an experience that still seems “stuck” for you, to be more completely open yourself to the presence of God who reigns within your heart, and to find a path forward. Each brings their unique experiences to the topic of the Touchstone Session, and the process allows a personal epiphany of God’s love and direction to evolve. You will leave the session with a sense of peace, a trust in God’s presence within you as Father, Guide, Lover, and Savior.

Touchstones of Spirituality will develop in you spiritual strength and teach you a process for living through life’s wounding moments with grace, dignity, and hope.

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