Midlife: A Simple Path

35 days to deeper prayer on the journey through the middle years


Are you in the middle years looking for something “more”?
Do regrets keep you from being happy and peaceful?
Is “letting go” something that attracts you but remains illusive?

When people reach their midlife years, something happens.
Though we can practice the “lessons” of midlife earlier as young adults
midlife has truly begun when something outside of our control
has rearranged the furniture of our lives, so to speak,
and “left us out of the picture.”

We are no longer who we were
we are not yet who we will be.

Almost universally those in these middle years and even beyond
ask for guidance in how to pray.

I believe there is a special midlife way of praying.
In fact, the middle years become truly satisfying only through a deeper prayer.

And this prayer is available to anyone who wants it.
Prayer, in these middle years, leads to the inner alignment of all our spiritual resources with the work of God that is unfolding in our lives.

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