Courses and Retreats

Walk Confidently on the Path of the Heart

In this program, I will walk with you as a spiritual companion as you explore an area of your life that you feel is the most important to address at this time, or an aspect of your heart you feel God is attracting you to explore in order to respond to his love more completely.


Touchstones in Spirituality

Touching the Sunrise is a series of 90-minute programs offered throughout the year. Each program develops a theme in everyday spiritual growth in teaching, guided exercises, and focused inner prayer. The goal is to learn, to reconnect with an experience that still seems “stuck” for you, to be more completely open yourself to the presence of God who reigns within your heart, and to find a path forward. Each brings their unique experiences to the topic of the Touchstone Session, and the process allows a personal epiphany of God’s love and direction to evolve. You will leave the session with a sense of peace, a trust in God’s presence within you as Father, Guide, Lover, and Savior.

Touchstones of Spirituality will develop in you spiritual strength and teach you a process for living through life’s wounding moments with grace, dignity, and hope.


Beginning Contemp Prayer (1)

In this prayerful journey with the saints, I seek to address the single most important question for the Christian today: How do I find God? When our souls are thirsty for the spiritual, how do we find the time to contemplate, and more importantly, what do we do during that time? Does the ancient mystical tradition of the Church mean anything today in a world so quickly changing? What do we do when praying seems tacked on to our life? What happens when we have no time for contemplative prayer? What are the paths to inner peace when our hearts need healing? How do we hold on to a foundational experience of God’s self-revelation to us? Can we truly hear God speaking to us, calling us by name?


Surviving Depression Course

If you have come to the Surviving Depression Conference, you are most likely wondering if “surviving” depression is possible for you or someone you know. Perhaps you are grasping at one more glimmer of hope that your or another’s depression might be lifted. It is estimated that one in ten Americans today meet the criteria for recurring depression, and almost half of these meet the criteria for major depression. Major depression is the number one psychological disorder in the western world. At the rate of increase of instances of depression that we are seeing today, particularly among the young, by 2020 depression will be the second most debilitating disease in the western world.

I speak from my own experience of depression and vulnerability after having experienced a stroke, as well as from sharing the journeys of many others suffering with depression in illness, divorce, chronic pain, and scruples. Many long years of emotional instability provided the sanctuary where I slowly could learn the deepest treasures of faith as this blessed gift enlighten and consoled and strengthened me. It is this gift that I seek to share with you in this Surviving Depression Conference, and the gift I believe you most want to receive.


Surviving Depression Retreat


Midlife Header

Are you in the middle years looking for something “more”?
Do regrets keep you from being happy and peaceful?
Is “letting go” something that attracts you but remains illusive?

When people reach their midlife years, something happens.
Though we can practice the “lessons” of midlife earlier as young adults
midlife has truly begun when something outside of our control
has rearranged the furniture of our lives, so to speak,
and “left us out of the picture.”
We are no longer who we were we are not yet who we will be.

Almost universally those in these middle years and even beyond
ask for guidance in how to pray.

Which is why I created Midlife: A Simple Path.

This Midlife Path will help you discover God’s love for you and direct your gaze to Jesus. You will explore the struggles of midlife and the powerful promise that God is here for you. The path will open up avenues for you where you hope to move on and show you the awesomeness of a live where Christ is set loose to fill you with joy.