Every Word He Speaks… Advent Hope

The readings of Advent are filled with hope. Today, the liturgy of the Church invites us to ponder the word of the Lord through His prophet Isaiah: 

“Thus says the Lord, your redeemer … 
[I] teach you what is for your good, 
and lead you on the way you should go. 
If you would hearken to my commandments, 
your prosperity would be like a river, 
and your vindication like the waves of the sea …” (Is 48:17-18)

God wants our good. Every word He speaks invites us to taste His goodness and unite our wills to His, so that we might become who we are: children of a Father who is Goodness Himself. 

We need to hear this word daily. We need our Father to teach us, not through weekly or even daily “classes” but as only God can teach: from within. The Holy Spirit, alive in us, rejoices at the presence of the Word of God, just as St. John the Baptist, filled with the Holy Spirit, leapt for joy at the presence of Christ in Elizabeth’s womb. The more we place ourselves in contact with God’s living Word—in Scripture, in the Church, and in the circumstances of our daily life—the more the Holy Spirit will convict us of “the way we should go” in response to this Word.

As long as God is our teacher and His Spirit is directing our steps, there is so much to hope for! We are on a journey toward heaven, our eternal “good.” As we continue our Advent pilgrimage and look ahead to Christmas and the new year, let us resolve to keep placing ourselves in the school of the Word of God, perhaps with a book of daily reflections or a liturgical reading guide to help us. Let us renew our trust in God who “directs all things according to our good,” which is nothing less than union with Himself.

Guest Post by Sr Amanda Detry, FSP

2 thoughts on “Every Word He Speaks… Advent Hope

  1. Thank you Sr. Amanda. Your words of hope but really trust is what I need at this time. I want to follow in the Word of God. Because who can know the way to go expect those who choose to follow. I choose to follow !!


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